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Converse massage fetish hot sex lets do it

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Converse massage fetish hot sex lets do it

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I have a very laid back ,assage towards people, I love being open with them and appreciate it when my affection is reciprocated. I Hot horny mom com fun and affectionate, my lovely nature will entice you and have you craving for more ti I am a sexy girl and sweet, with a well defined body, full of energy and humor. I am friendly, sociable and a porn star in bed! Well I am pretty certain we could have a really good time.

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She held each one up next to her face and gave Steven the cutest, most innocent little smile she could manage.

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Feeling refreshed from all the work she put into cumming, she hopped out of bed enjoying the free air of her naked body. Her heart was pounding when she pulled into the mall parking lot. Katie and Megan squealed, and raced down the aisles of the storeroom to look at the unlimited supply ig free shoes. He began kissing just below her belly button, and worked his way teasingly around her panties.

Katie was eager to add the pink massagw to her collection, but was surprised when Megan grabbed both the pink and the black pairs and headed to the seats. I am fun and affectionate, my lovely nature will entice you and have you craving for more ti His eyes got wide, and Katie could have sworn he saw Megan wink before turning around.

Feeling creative, Steven groped toward the nearest shelf, and pulled over a familiar box. Katie envied Megan as they walked out of the store. She gasped and giggled, before grabbing his hair and pulling him into her sweet spot. The site offer streaming sex videos letss DVDs, downloadable films and clips, photo albums and horny sexy community.

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Her other foot worked up his leg and began to massage his enormous bulge through his jeans. She looked forward to giving them to him on their date, and hopefully enjoying them later. Finally, 8pm rolled around and the PA announced that the mall would be closing. Extremely excited gay men are looking for adventures and know precisely how to get the most possible pleasure with each other. Seeing him fuck the shoe sent Megan reeling, and she quickly pulled him up and knocked the sneaker away from her crotch.

His rock hard cock popped out and slapped her in the face.

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She had never kissed a girl before, but in her current state she found it nearly as sexy as the sneakers she wore. Checking the clock, she decided it might finally be mazsage to ot some clothes on. She grabbed a pair of knee-high black Converse, as well as a pair of Batman Chucks she thought Kevin might like. Pulling her panties to the side, his tongue plunged into her pussy inciting another round of ecstatic gasps.

They smiled and walked over, not surprised to see the girls at the mall their usual haunt. Smiling at Steven, she thanked him for the sex, and for the cum and cooed at her cum covered shoes. Without breaking dl lips apart, Katie pulled her bra off and let their nipples rub together. Again, her vagina seemed unnaturally eager to swallow the sneaker, and took it all the way in.

Katie hurried around enjoying the feeling radiating up from her feet as she jogged to see what Megan had found.

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I love people who are full of life and character. Their skilled hands and fingers are ready to make a perfect job stroking rock hard dicks and massaging hot burning assholes until the owners of those dicks and asses begin craving for total satisfaction.

Cookies help us deliver our services. She was showing all the s of having those lovely little tingling sensations that Katie now experienced, with none of the apprehension or confusion. A cute sales boy walked up and Megan flashed her smile, asking if she could try on the black pair in Convetse 7. Looking down at Steven and the other shoe, Megan did her best to indicate with her eyes what she wanted to see.

Megan gasped and fell forward into the bags, one hand holding the front of her panties.

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She cocked an eyebrow, waiting for a reaction. Katie had barely shut the door when Megan dropped her shorts and stepped out of them, keeping her black sneakers on. Several times. Her kassage arched and the hand that was ly hiding her crotch was now gently rubbing it. I want you to feel free lehs me and talk at length with you Cuddling their naked bodies together, they kissed lovingly, still giddy about what had just happened.

She opened her eyes and looked down, and her face lit up.

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Katie gasped, but Megan burst out laughing. Megan still had masssage half of her face covered in strings of cum not to mention the pools on her laces and rubber toes when they finally left the store, now fully burdened with new clothes and shoes.

Katie smiled, remembering her date, but doubting things would get this heavy. Taking the very subtle hint, Steven kept his mouth in place, and slid his dick into the other red sneaker. It appears that whatever had changed about Concerse was also changing in Megan, though much more smoothly. Throwing open her closet doors, she quickly flipped through the hangers of her usual clothes.


They giggled with excitement as they watched the population of Converse in the dk steadily grow. Desensitized slightly by the shoe, Steven was able to plow into Megan furiously, bringing her to a cascade of orgasms, helped along by him pulling her legs to his face and lapping at her sneakers. The idea that her best friend might get her own pair of Converse was getting her pretty hot.